Research & Activities

My core research interests are international migration, transnationalism and diaspora studies, African diasporas, race and ethnicity, development, religion as well as childhood studies.

My PhD thesis ‘A Fractured Diaspora: Strategies and Identities among Zimbabweans in Britain’ took the form of an innovative multi-sited ethnography of the Zimbabwean diaspora in Britain. It offered new insight into the ways in which different spatial settings shape diasporic identities and cleavages, influencing the development of transnational networks and political engagements.

An ESRC Postdoctoral fellowship at the University College London (UCL) 'Religious Transnationalism: The case of Zimbabwean Catholics in Britain' PTA-026-27-2212 examined the ways in which mainstream churches engender migrants’ maintenance of transnational ties and improve their integration into British society.

Most recently, an Economic Social Research Council Grant 'Towards the Prevention and Intervention of Child Sexual Abuse: Cross-cultural Explorations, Explanations and Impact Evaluations'  (RES-192-22-0132), a collaboration of the University of Huddersfield, the University of the West Indies and Stop it Now!, explored international, cross-cultural understandings of research into child sexual abuse and identified ways to address the problem.